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Inbound Marketing Approach

PEEL Back The Layers  

Inbound Marketing Approach begins by peeling back the layers on many key factors relating to your organization, your market and target audience. These insights inform the goals and strategies that underpin the success of your Inbound Marketing Playbook.

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Site Assessment
  • Market & Competitive Review
  • Interviews (internal and external)
  • Catalog Marketing Assets
Brandpeel Inbound Marketing Approach uncovers your real opportunities, grows brand core strength and reach, connects actions with results and optimizes ROI.

Establish a Clear Focus  

The second phase of the process is focused on defining budgets, goals, audiences and campaign strategies. 

If focus is either unclear or unfounded, money and opportunity will be wasted.  Ensure that internal buy-in is secured so that clear focus has the most impact possible.

Scope of this varies depending on available resources and complexity of your business.

  • Goals/ Marketing Scorecard
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Select Keywords
  • Key Timing Milestones

Engineer Inbound Marketing Playbook 

Now it’s time to create your Inbound Marketing Playbook based upon all of the work done in phase 1 and 2.

Your playbook needs to be engineered to support a full-funnel approach to campaign development:

BRAND BUILDER CAMPAIGNS support KPIs at the top of your marketing funnel such as attracting prospects and subscribers and growing brand awareness and credibility.

ROI DRIVER CAMPAIGNS work through the middle of the funnel on down, to generate leads, convert leads into new customers and grow profits from increased customer loyalty.

  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Integrated Campaign Roadmap
  • Project Tasks

Launch and Optimize Results

The final phase of the process is putting your Inbound Marketing Playbook into motion. It’s important to keep resources flexible to take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities and market shifts.

What cannot be reinforced enough is the need to act on what you learn, as no matter what you do there are always opportunities to improve performance in relation to it. That’s “where the gold is” and the fun!

  • Build and Track Campaigns
  • Lead Management
  • Measure Everything
  • Test & Learn
  • Optimization
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