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Toronto Inbound Marketing -> Toronto Marketers, here are 3 Ways to turn CASL limitations into a sustainable competitive advantage with Inbound Marketing.

In Canada, we have to deal with CASL legislation. This effectively means that in order to email someone in Canada, you have to have their documented permission to do so. You can no longer just buy lists and blast out emails without the list owner’s brand being involved – list owner needs to have permission if you don’t. So when the recipient receives the email from you, it needs to clearly state that they are receiving it because of the relationship with the list owner’s brand. This not only makes prospecting more expensive, it is not ideal from a branding point of view.

For outbound marketing CASL is a real impediment but not so with inbound marketing. In fact, CASL legislation provides you with the opportunity to “out-prospect” your competition with inbound marketing. The key is early adoption of inbound marketing (READ: before your competitors).

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  • Content, once published, remains in play, forever discoverable by targeted prospects, generating traffic to your site every day. So if you publish mre content on a regular basis, competitors who are late to adopt inbound marketing, will have a hard time catching up to your site traffic

  • Content depth can improve conversion rates. So even if a competitor tries to “out-buy” you with Google Adwords, you can remain more effective at nurturing leads using the depth of your content to engage prospects more frequently and at a deeper level, converting more of them into customers

  • Learn before competitors do and use these insights to optimize results. If you do this, competitors will have a hard time catching up to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts on all levels

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